1. Find my ski level

First things first, we need to determine at what level your off-piste skiing ability is. Use our level chart below to find out.

Level 1

Aimed at confident red run skiers looking to move off the piste and ski different snow types, possibly moving onto steeper slopes as well. For maximum enjoyment you should be able to link short turns on red runs in most snow conditions and get down black runs in good conditions.

Level 2

This level is for skiers who have some off-piste experience (perhaps an off-piste introduction course) who wish to consolidate and develop their skills in all snow types. To benefit from this course you should be confident linking short turns on red & black runs in all conditions and off-piste in good conditions.

Level 3

Happy in powder but want to push your limits? This course is for the experienced off-piste skier who wants to fine tune their technique and explore great backcountry descents.

Level 4

Push the limits…Hit the steep and deep… If you are confident in all conditions off the piste and want to take your skiing to the next level then look no further! Steeper, deeper, more adrenaline; we’ll show you how to tackle the steeps, get the face shots and stick the drops.

2. Choose your course below

Now you’re familiar with what level your ability is, select one of the correct colour coded courses below to find out more information





4th – 11th Jan 2020

Off Piste Introduction

Three Valleys, France

1st – 8th Feb 2020

Maurienne Steep Coaching & Adventures

Hte Maurienne, France

8th – 15th Feb 2020

Off-Piste Improvers

Vanoise, France

28th Feb – 8th March 2020

Kyrgyzstan Ski Touring Adventures

Ichke Jergez, Kyrgyzstan

9th – 13th March 2020

Steep Vanoise week 1

Vanoise, France

16th – 20th March 2020

Steep Vanoise week 2

Vanoise, France

21st – 28th March 2020

Vanoise Freeride

Vanoise, France

1st – 8th April 2020

Lofoten Ski Touring Adventures

Lofoten, Norway

8th – 15th April 2020

Lofoten Ski & Sail Adventures

Lofoten, Norway

18th – 25th April 2020

Lofoten Ski Touring Adventures

Lofoten, Norway

27th April – 4th May 2019

Iceland Ski Touring Adventures

Troll Peninsula, Iceland

7th – 14th May 2019

Greenland Adventures

Western Greenland


Freeride Serre Chevalier

Serre Chevalier, France


Freeride Chamonix

Chamonix, France