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Greenland Ski Adventures 2019

By August 10, 2019August 14th, 2019No Comments

I have tried several times to write some words to go with these photos and failed miserably. So there are few words, just photos. Thanks to Andy P for the intel and the original idea. Thanks to Janice & Andy for the impeccable hosting & logistics. Thanks to Eri and all the crew at Sirius for the boat, landing craft (!), snowmobiles and expertise at getting up frozen fjords. And of course thanks to Amanda, Jason, Mark, Ian & Rian for being a top team!

Despite an unusually early spring thaw we skied 6 great lines, including one first descent and a first repeat of a line skied just the week before. Arctic fox, hare, reindeer, ptarmigan, sea eagle and the mighty musk ox were all spotted, and we even had a visitation from a shaman…

The Couloir of Destiny (Destiny being Andy & Janice’s yacht…and a mighty fine couloir!):

Tusk couloir (first repeat following Andy Ps first descent the week previous):

A mixed bag on day 3, but more top wildlife spotting and a good descent!:

First descent of Christy/reindeer hoof couloir:

First descent of Musk Ox Left Hand couloir: